Students toast the end of the academic year in style as they clatter through the streets of Cambridge after the Trinity May Ball
Getting into the party spirits: Guests kick off their heels as the sun comes up following a night of partying in Cambridge
One daring student was brave enough to strip off as she took a dip in the River Cam in the early hours of Tuesday morning
Come on in, the water's lovely! Three friends strip down to their underwear to cool off in the river after the all-night affair
Grand finale: The event came to a close with a dazzling firework display for students and members of the public to enjoy
Star-struck: Delighted guests enjoy a glass of fizz as they watch the show-stopping firework display on Monday evening
Those who were still standing at 6am gathered on a bridge as they marked the end of exams in boozy style this week
One guest loos worse for wear after taking a dip ni the river
Bleary-eyed guests strip off before taking the plunge - after they stayed up all night and supping on oysters and scallops

Expensive ball gowns and formal tuxedos were cast aside as guests stripped off for an early morning swim in the river
With Monday being the hottest day of the year, students couldn't wait to strip off as the sun came up this morning
One woman looks on as her friends strip offf
Four revellers are treated to a ride in a punt boat following the evening's decadent festivities in Cambridge
Is that a good idea? After partying the night away, guests try their hand at punting on the River Cam
 Time to call it a night: The group make their way back onto dry land after kicking back in a punt boat on Tuesday morning
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The decadent bash came to a raucous end as male and female partygoers alike stripped off to go for a swim

Guests threw out their inhibitions as they cast aside their expensive costumes to cool down in the river this morning
Three guests wave to their friends after diving into the river at the end of the evening's festivities in Cambridge
Some stripped down to their underwear while others wrecked their expensive outfits by soaking them in the river

One woman grips the edge of a pun boat as she takes a dip
A passerby attempts to coax one female student back to shore after she jumped into the River Cam this morning

A passerby attempts to coax one female student back to shore after she jumped into the River Cam this morning

One woman fell head-first into the water after attempting to clamber onto her male companion's shoulders
Braving the chill: One partygoer wades into the water to cool down after the ball was held on the hottest day of the year

He looked delighted to be cooling off in the water after temperatures soared to 30 degrees in some parts of the country
Don't look down! One guest finds a quiet spot to enjoy a glass of champagne as the Monday night party roars on

All-night spectacular: Students and members of the public are spellbound by the glittering firework display over the river

The sky over Cambridge was lit up pink, purple and yellow as organisers pulled out all the stops at the annual knees-up

With the venue decked out in fairy lights, the ball provided a romantic setting for students celebrating the end of exams

Punters look on as students dressed in their finery chat and enjoy drinks on a bridge overlooking the River Cam

Pulling out all the stops: Entertainment was provided in the form of a dazzling firework display over the River Cam, with dance act Sigma and rock band Nothing But Thieves headlining the party itself

Guests look on as the sky is lit up during the lavish all-night parties attended by three separate Cambridge colleges

One too many? Two tuxedo-clad male students end up in a pile on the floor after partying until the wee hours

The laughing students took a well-earned cigarette break as they gazed up at the sky following a night of partying

The city was transformed into a fair as the streets were lined with colourful balloons

Chivalrous male students came to the aid of their female friends whose feet were no doubt throbbing from nine hours in heels

One guest was kind enough to sling his female friend over his shoulder as the effect of her heels began to kick in

Jumping for joy: One excitable guest and his female friend can't hide their joy as they leave the all-night party

Free for all: Students from Clare College also attended their May Ball last night, with tickets costing up to £200 each

Guests were treated to a giant ball pit and entertainment by David Rodigan

It all got a bit too much for these two party-goers who stopped for a nap on a wall after swapping their heels for trainers

Some students didn't quite make it back to halls in time and couldn't help stopping for a lie-down on the way home

The remnants of pretty bouquets were strewn all over the pavement as the annual Trinity May Ball drew to a close

Clutching a box of takeaway food, one guest is given a lift from her male companion after partying the night away

She had swapped heels for sensible flats

Sleeping beauty: After a hard night's partying, it's no surprise some students took a moment to lay their head down for a nap

Clutching the remnants of a battered bouquet a smoking a pipe, exhausted revellers make their way home on Tuesday

One guest puffed away at a smoking pipe

We did it! Some continued partying overnight with drunken punt rides and a champagne breakfast in the college gardens

Students toss extravagant bouquets into the air as they let their hair down following a night of heavy drinking and dancing

As the festivities drew to a close, ladies kicked off their heels

One treated herself to an impromptu snack

Roll on, summer! Trinity May Ball is held on the first Monday of May Week, which always takes place in June after exams

Still smiling: Guests remained in high spirits as they made their way back to halls after more than nine hours of partying

One guest even got a piggyback
Despite nine hours of solid boozing, guests displayed their impressive stamina as they continued partying - and boozing - as the sun came up on Tuesday morning

A group of friends seemed happy to play up for the cameras as they clattered through the streets after kicking off their heels

Clutching a can of Desperados tequila, one female reveller looks set to continue the party as she charges through the streets

The morning after the night before: Students make their way home after marking the end of the academic year in style

One exhausted party-goer leans on a male friend's head for support after celebrating until the early hours of Tuesday morning

A couple look at snaps from the May Ball, which is steeped in tradition and last year celebrated its 150th installment
Legacy: The ball has been held every year apart from 1910 when King Edward VII died, and between 1939 and 1945

Some were understandably a little worse for wear after nine hours of dining on champagne, oysters and a hog roast

Two friends make their way home

Students appear a little worse for wear as they lark about on their way home following the all-night spectacular

Partygoers puffed on cigars as they made their way home, with one guest carrying a female friend's stilettos around his neck

Finishing in style: The streets of Cambridge were filled with glamorous guests as the sun came up on Tuesday morning

Good night? Students from Trinity, Clare and and Jesus College's at Cambridge University make their way home this morning
One reveller could be seen sipping on champagne on Tuesday morning
Students let their hair down at the annual ball where tickets can cost up to £200 a head for the evening entertainment

Glamorous revellers donned exuberant gowns in pastel shades, but some couldn't help swapping their heels for flip-flops

Lavish affair: Guests were treated to a five-course meal served in Trinity Great Hall, then students could tuck in to oysters, a hog roast and a chocolate fountain, while drinks were served from a floating punt on the river

Men in black: A group of smartly-dressed friends make their way back to their student halls after partying all night

Two friends enjoy a giggle as they stumble home from the ball

As the all-night event drew to a close, one quick-thinking guest gave his female companion a ride home on the back of his bike

Female guests looked delighted to be celebrating the end of exam season at one of the country's top universities

Successful night: A spokeswoman for Cambridge said the ball had been a success with no complaints or problems reported
It all started so well: Cambridge revellers make their way to the ball holding bouquets of flowers on Monday evening

Long night ahead: The sold-out ball, which rolls on until 6am, is the largest event of the Cambridge student social calendar and some students queued for several hours to get into the party on Monday evening (pictured)

Clutching a denim jacket, one female guest makes her way home

Some couples, however, saw fit to call it a night as they made their way back to their student digs in the early hours
Stopping traffic: A female reveller kicks off the night in style in a show-stopping yellow gown as she joins the queue to get in

One guest dutifully helps his friend adjust his bow tie as they wait to make their way to the lavish Trinity May Ball

The dress code was white tie
Members of the public stroll past as revellers finally start making their way to the lavish all-night event on Monday evening
Pulling an all-nighter: Party-loving students prepare to celebrate until the sun comes up on Tuesday morning
No drama here: A Cambridgeshire Constabulary spokesman said last night's celebrations had been 'largely peaceful'

Colourfully-clad guests were already in high spirits before the event which didn't draw to a close until 6am this morning

Ladies in black: Three friends who opted for matching monochrome ensembles were in good spirits ahead of the event
Things got off to a decidedly civilised start for Clare students on Monday night. Queens College's May Ball will be held tonight - complete with a new bridge over the River Cam for the lavish do
Ready to party: Guest kicked off proceedings in style as they joined 1,800 students celebrating the end of exam season
Annual tradition: Trinity May Ball is held on the first Monday of May Week, which always takes place in June after exams

Female guests looked to be in high spirits as they made their way through the streets of Cambridge towards the party venue